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Originally posted on Money with Merne’s Facebook Page on May 24, 2017:

Let’s talk about Side Hustles! AKA the trendy millennial phrase for a side job or alternate income stream. This is another theme that comes up in many of the finance books and articles I read because side hustles can contribute to wealth and financial freedom.

Many of us have jobs that are NOT our dream jobs (GASP! Is anyone really shocked by that?) and if you do, more power to you! So is there something you love doing that you could make money at on the side? Are you crafty? Can you open an etsy shop or sell at local craft shows? Are you into video or photography? Do you like to do landscaping? Are you a great chef or baker? Can you plan a party like no one else? Are you really good at home improvement?

I’m very proud of two of my financial follower friends who have taken their passions and made side hustles out of them! Lindsay loves fashion and would love to help others be more fashion forward. Melissa started making natural soaps at home and became so obsessed she started a business to sell her wares!

Be creative! Be passionate! Start that side hustle! Maybe the extra cashflow will help you achieve your financial dreams sooner and then your side hustle can become your full-time gig, which will help you fill your time in retirement like we talked about earlier this week!

Do you have a side hustle or an idea for one?

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